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Chargeable Smart Electric Scooter
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Your Best Guide To Buying An Electric Scooter In Current Times

Without a doubt, electric vehicles are the future of transportation all across the world. As people, businesses and government are realizing the importance of clean energy and the need for a strong alternative to traditional transportation mediums, there has been a growing interest among people to buy electric vehicles in India. Efficient and affordable electric scooters are changing the way people look at EVs and it is imperative that we move towards this direction for a sustainable future.

In case you are wondering about the best electric scooters in India, there are certain factors that make them the best. Therefore, before locking the option for best electric scooter in India, go through this guide which will eventually help you in buying an electric scooter in 2020.

Battery and Charging

One of the most important features to consider while buying an electric scooter in India is the battery. Electric vehicles run on batteries. So, powerful batteries means more power to your electric scooter. If it has a self-charging feature, it is even better. With a large population, people often reside in apartments. Therefore, it is important to check if the battery is detachable or not. If your electric scooter has a detachable option it is so easy to charge batteries. Especially in places like Mumbai and Chennai in India, go for an electric scooter with a detachable battery.
As far as charging is concerned, it is wise to know the charging time or how long it takes for the battery to be charged. You can also enquire about the battery type used. This is directly connected to the next point which is the range.


Range in electric scooters can be defined as the total distance one can travel on a single full charge. Therefore, when you are considering the best electric scooters in India, the range should be up on the check list. The electric scooter which has good range can be really helpful in every day travel on the road as you drive without worrying about battery discharge. It is a cost-effective option too and comes with long-term investment benefits.


It is often seen that people typically use two-wheeler for daily commuting to the office, go shopping, and for visiting friends. Not many people travel inter-cities on a bike. If that’s the case, you must use an electric scooter. When compared to the fuel-powered bikes, every smart electric scooters have low price and are very affordable too. Your money on petrol is saved and your travel goal is achieved as well. You can surely compare the difference between electric scooters and others. At the same time, you can calculate how much is your savings.

Riding experience

While buying an electric scooter, riding experience should be a top priority. Look for the structure and built of the electric scooter. It is generally observed that strength is not up to the mark in electric scooters. Therefore, those electric scooters which are crafted with strength in mind must be picked.

There are several other factors you can weigh in before buying an electric scooter. This includes the design and the look. Now a days, performance along with aesthetics is a game-changer. Also, check thoroughly the safety aspects of the vehicles. As per the latest trends, the best electric scooters in India have additional features which makes them smart. A smart electric scooter has features like adaptive headlamps, touchscreen with navigation, emergency power mode and much more exciting features.

Vioma Motors is one of the leading companies providing the best electric scooters in India. The excellent features include a detachable battery, good range, affordable price, envious design, and amazing riding experience. The self-charging feature makes it the most unique electric scooter India has ever seen. Also, it is a smart electric scooter in India with 4G, Wi-Fi, Auto SOS and fall detection mechanism, advanced scooter diagnostics and much more.

June 8, 2021
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