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Thunderbolt E1


Feel the thrill and take your riding experience to the next level with India’s best and smart electric scooter Thunderbolt E-1.


India’s new electric scooter is aimed at balancing the current need for style, performance and smart features and blending it with a sustainable, environmental-friendly and futuristic transportation option. The electric scooter from Vioma Motors is a game changer in the sustainable transportation market.

Embrace the evolution in two-wheeler transportation and brace for a power packed travel experience with Thunderbolt E-1.

Exclusive & A Class Apart

Feel the thrill and take your riding experience to the next level with India’s best and smart electric scooter Thunderbolt E-1.

Exclusive & A Class Apart

Feel the thrill and take your riding experience to the next level with India’s best and smart electric scooter Thunderbolt E-1.

Come, Experience the Future with Smart Electric Scooter

The world of electric vehicles is imminent. Future belongs to electric transportation and at Vioma Motors, we aim to be the flag bearer of the same in the two-wheeler electric scooter segment. The passion for innovation, a sustainable future mindset and the transformation power of engineering and design resulted in the creation of India’s best and smart electric scooter, Thunderbolt-E1.

The Thought that Drove the Innovation

In India and across the world, the idea of electric scooter for everyday use is still in the nascent stage when compared to the traditional vehicles and when we consider other countries as a whole. Of course, there has been a gradual growth of electric vehicles industry in the last decade or so. The curiosity and excitement for an alternative to fuel-powered vehicles have been driving this changing mindset among common people. But, still many challenges remained for electric scooter manufacturers in India. This includes the efficient and easy battery charging facility. Speed has been an issue. Strength, performance and style – all these factors have pegged back the growth of electric scooters. Keeping all these factors, we crafted and designed and gave birth to Thunderbolt E-1. It ably overcomes all these challenges and comes out as a winner in the segment.

With the negative effects of pollution taking a toll on the environment, it was our desire to do something positive about it. Keeping this goal in mind, consistent efforts were made by the team to develop a two-wheeled vehicle which negates the use of petrol and other carbon emitting fuel or energy. The battery run electric scooter is the best alternative and an excellent option for going places. Thunderbolt with all the excellent features embedded in it can outsmart the current fuel-based two-wheeler.

Features and Highlights


Exquisite design takes the cake when it comes to Thunderbolt E-1. These are some of the design features:-
  • The dashboard has an edge to edge panel perfectly fitted with indicating lights. A black frosted screen fender gives extra visibility during day time.
  • The classic look is exuded with chrome accents. Plus, the Matt black rear wheel skirts give it a distinct feel.
  • The colour variants available are Matt Black, Sparkling Silver and British Green.
Technical features propel the electric scooter to perform to its maximum. The skilful engineering team with technical minds have developed a powerful, performance driven vehicle. Every aspect like maximum speed, natural range, range at continuous speed, acceleration and torque have been given equal importance, resulting in an amazing driving experience. Drive train specifications include precise magnetic sensor control for smooth acceleration, adaptive speed control, slip detection and much more.

The electrical specification includes inbuilt charger, intelligent battery management system, ingress protection, thermal management etc.

Thunderbolt is a self charging electric scooter which is one of the most defining highlights of the electric scooter.


  • Assistive Trolley and Charge Pod – The exclusive accessory option gives you a big advantage as a user. This separates Thunderbolt from other electric scooters. Since charging has been an issue, assistive trolley and charging pod solves this problem.
  • Other accessories include a smart key card and charging wire.

The best ‘smart electric scooter’ in India

Undoubtedly, smart electric scooter features are special and unique. It makes riding a smart experience. You can enjoy the following amazing user interface features:-
  • Immersive dashboard screen interface, Start button, dashboard control pad, NFC and Bluetooth, USB phone charging
  • There is a smartphone app for iOS and Android
  • Charge generation monitor, ride mode selection options
  • Key Card Battery Ejection – Just press the switch and it opens the battery door

The Smart features are the following:-

  • Load sensors across the scooter
  • Adaptive headlamps
  • GPS navigation system, Vehicle locator, and Geo-fencing
  • Emergency Power Mode
  • Advanced Scooter Diagnostics
  • LTE/3G/2G with e-SIM


How does electric scooter works differently than petrol scooter?

The major difference is that an electric scooter runs on battery whereas petrol scooter on petrol.

What accessories are available with Thunderbolt?

You get charging pod, assistive trolley, smart key card, first aid kit etc.

What are some smart electric scooter features?

Smart electric scooters have features such as GPS navigation, self-adapting lighting, fall & crash detection sensors and more. For further details, contact us.

How about the safety features in the electric scooter Thunderbolt E-1?

Safety Specifications include Illuminator, Emergency SOS Alert, Anti-lock Braking System and other excellent features. For further details, get in touch with us.

Can Thunderbolt electric scooter self-charge?

Yes, Thunderbolt E-1 is a self charging electric scooter.

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