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Is An Electric Scooter Better Than a Petrol Scooter Or Not?

There has been a lot of debate about whether to choose an electric scooter or a petrol scooter recently. There are several advantages and disadvantages you can
hear from people supporting either of the types of vehicles. There are some
excellent electric scooter manufacturers in India who are delivering efficient and
affordable electric vehicles which are now popular among people. At the same time, petrol scooters are still the favourite pick among many people in India and other parts of the world. This is mainly due to the lack of awareness. Once electric scooters go mainstream, it would surely give tough competition to petrol scooters.

Here at the outset, we would like to tell you our take on the issue – the electric scooters are better than petrol scooters. Hopefully, you will finally embrace the answer and make a decision by the time you reach the end of the blog.

Running Cost

In India, the cost does matter. There is nothing sold in the market where the price is not compared with other brands or alternatives. Therefore, when we take into consideration the money spent on petrol and electric scooters, the profits gained by investing in electric scooters certainly outscores petrol scooter. Just look at the price of petrol and diesel shooting up every other day and nothing much can be done. On the other hand, new electric scooters in India can travel long distances without spending much. In the long run, electric scooter actually helps you save a lot of money.


Scooter needs the energy to run and we know how petrol scooters run. Yes, you got it right – on petrol. Petrol, which causes large scale pollution, damages the environment and ultimately harms human beings. This is the right time to switch to new electric scooters in India which are eco-friendly and will be key for a sustainable future. Charging the electric scooter was once a concern since the charging facilities were not available. But, things have changed remarkably. Electric scooter manufacturer in India like Vioma Motors have electric scooters which have detachable battery and battery pod too. This solves the energy problem as one can charge easily anytime, anywhere.


Even those who support petrol scooters would agree that maintenance cost of petrol scooters is way more than anything else, let alone electric scooter. The regular maintenance check, change of air filters and oil is compulsory and costs much. There are no charges such as this for electric scooters. Therefore, we can certainly conclude that electric scooters are more feasible than petrol scooters.

Going Green

Going green is the need of the hour. The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has
changed various perceptions of common people. It has proven that pollution has damaged the environment. The petrol scooters and other such vehicles are known for carbon emissions and the negative impact it has on the environment. More recently, the clean skies, rivers and air have confirmed how few months without fuel-based vehicles on the road have reduced pollution and resurrected the
environment. This can be further maintained with the use of electric vehicles and
new electric scooters in India.

Given the current situation in India and across the world, the electric vehicle segment is going to make a splash post the Covid-19 era. Businesses across verticals and even governments have realized the need for clean energy. The electric scooters can impact lives and the economy in a positive way.

Vioma is one of the leading electric scooter manufacturers in India with the best
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June 8, 2021
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