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What are the charging methods available for THUNDERBOLT E-1?

In order to provide a hassle-free charging, we are equipping you with two options:

1. An inbuilt charger-conventional method of charging wherein, you just plug in the scooter at gym, cafes or at any charging station available nearby.

2.You can carry the Portable Power-Pack home and charge them using our complimentary charger-ChargePod.

How does THUNDERBOLT E-1 cope with different climatic conditions? Will there be any effect on motor, battery, and touchscreen?

THUNDERBOLT E-1 can hold up in any climatic conditions. And if damp weather concerns you, do not bother because we have used touchscreen of IP-68 and battery of IP-68 which is cautiously packed and can withstand rain. Our Bolt Drive which comprises of belt drive transmission too will work decently on swamped roads. So, keep riding and don’t fret!

What is monocoque design? How does it make the scooter safer for rider?

A monocoque chassis is a structure which integrates body and chassis together to form a composite structure which has better stiffness as well as weight advantage. Their distributed assembly design provides a much satisfactory weight distribution which makes handling smoother and ensure rider safety at higher lean angles. As they are more rigid, and are comprised of a single unit, they also typically integrate a “crush zone” into their design. This allows for the vehicle frame to absorb the impact of a collision and even have designated space within which to crumple while simultaneously protecting the rider.

Why are batteries placed under footboard? Can a collision on the front lead the batteries to explode?

Since batteries are crucial segment of the scooter, we have placed them there for convenience and security.one more reason for that is by placing battery in that spot, we are providing more boot-space for you to accommodate one full size helmet along with other accessories. Yes, it is too space-y! our battery is steadfastly placed in a cage like case which can survive considerable magnitude of collision as well as it has customized BMS, cooling system and each cell packed guardedly which can operate perfectly in all situations.

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